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Enterprise culture is the enterprise philosophy, is the enterprise religious, is the soul of an enterprise. It focused on the enterprise spirit, good quality and value pursuit, civilized behavior, credit image. WeiDa in socialist market economy in practice, gradually formed a kind of for all the employees that are identified and abide by this enterprise characteristics, with the enterprise culture.

The company will continue to carry forward the "unity innovation, practical" spirit of enterprise, persisted "to the quality strives for the survival, to the science and technology for development, and to talent figure progress, by the good faith as the foundation stone" business philosophy and "the good faith for this" principle of operation, set up the good faith, the good faith construction team consciousness, casting, creating the credit enterprise of enterprise brilliant.

After several years of infusion, such ideas already exerts a heart, and in the employee guides them everywhere of business behavior, showed "Weihao people" to keep pace with The Times of the unique characteristic of the enterprise culture.

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